Can you do better?

If you know your nutrition could be better, then why isn’t it?

Almost everyone knows they could sharpen things up, yet they don’t.

They make excuses instead.

So many well intentioned words.

So many are also utter bullshit.

Things people say just for the sake of saying them, it’s rather irritating really and each time I personally hear something akin to this I find the respect level’s I have for said culprit diminish.

If you on the other hand are honest abut simply not caring, well that I can respect.

Words for the sake of words, not so much.

It does make me wonder why people would fudge things so blatantly with classics such as: “I would eat better if I had more time to prep food.” or something equally steeped in their mouth turds.

People, if you don’t want to do something then be honest about it as opposed to trying to say the right things.

Most wouldn’t care if you told the truth anyway.

Chances are it would stun them in to silence as opposed to how they’ve gone Vegan and how good for you it is.

Does the above applies to you because it’s worth mulling over.

My good people, do me the kindness of answering this with nothing other than pure honesty.

If your nutrition could be better, then why isn’t it?

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