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Do this to achieve your NYR

I have the secret to achieving that new years resolution that thus far has cleverly alluded you.
This information is truly world breaking.
The Hulk would be impressed with the strength of the information I’m about to give you.
Anyway, without further ado, here it is.
To achieve the necessary change you desire the one thing you require to change is your behaviour.
Yep, it’s that simple.
Instead of writing a list of ‘things’ to do, take the time and write out a list of behaviours.
Let us say that this year is the year you’re going to get beach ready, despite your precious decades track record, this time it will be different.
You don’t need to even begin to work about sets, reps, load or exercise, oh no, first you need to look at one crucial behaviour that will help you tremendously in achieving this goal.
Actually going to the gym (or training) 2-3 times per week.
That is the first behaviour you need to adopt because without it your chances of success diminish greatly.
The ability to change is routed in our ability to change our behaviours.
You’ll often find people who are not married to theirs are those who are able to achieve the most in regards to progress and change, to others these people seem as mythical as unicorns, when in reality they’re just better at behaviour regulation/modification.
I have a task for you, write down your current behaviours, or you might know them as habits (same difference).
Then write down your new years resolution followed by the behaviours you believe (or know to be true) that someone who has already achieved said goal would have.
Compare their behaviours to yours.
See what needs to change and make a choice.
Change or change not, it’s up to you, ah the joys of being an adult.
Tomorrow I’m going to touch on another element that affects the above, Will Power.
Until then, please do as I’ve requested above and share them in the comments section below.
Have fun with that.

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