Rest-Pause your way to progress.

An oldie, yet still worth it.
This method of achieving reps was something that used to be used quite frequently to help people break through plateaus.
It works because it allows you to utilise higher % of your max for more total reps – playing on the mechanical tension side of the progress pyramid.
Nowadays though it seems to have been forgotten.
The premise is simple.
Select a load, do some reps, rest 20-30seconds, do some more reps, rest 20-30 seconds, do some more reps, perhaps repeat once more, end of set.
You might end up with something that looks like this.
80% x6,
80% x4,
80% x2
80% x1
Stop and take full 2-5min rest and repeat for 2-3 total sets.
There might be a rep goal you’re trying to achieve, say 10 reps, which means you use the rest-pause as needed until you’ve hit the total reps required.
Potentially you do as the example states, it’s up to you.
One thing you will find is that this provides a decent training stimulus for both fast and slow responders, you’ll just find those on the ‘easy gainer’ side of the line achieve less total reps than their ‘slow gainer’ counterparts and still make the same progress.
I know, life is cruel.
A great tip to improve your muscle gain response is to pick better parents in which to get your genetic heritage from next time, I wish you good luck.
Give this great method a go if you’ve found results have stalled.

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