Just One.

One item wonder.

Today I will give you a little something to show you can get epic results with one piece of kit and a whole load of heart.

Heart is the crucial element.

That and patience.

The kettlebell, one of my personal favourites for this.

While all the kit int he world is nice, it gives people too much choice and as a result the procrastinate, less truly is more sometimes.

Many claim you can’t build much muscle with them, however those are usually the same people who can’t really use them.

Here is your end game goals in stages:

– Double Clean & Press
– Pistol Squats
– Double Snatch

All for 10 reps with 16kg, 24kg and finally 32kg bells

If you’re superhuman you could go for using the Beast.

These three movements will add slabs of muscle, epic amounts of strength and remove any mental weakness because you’ve got to have some stones to attempt these.

*If you have access to a sturdy pull up bar then 10 full reps with a single 32kg bell is worthy of your attention s well.

So, where do you start?

With a pair of 16kg bells and mastering the above movements, then from there you can use multiple methods to progress to the above goals.

Here are some of my favourites.

– Ladders (1-5 x5, or 1-10)
– Complexes (4-6 reps per movement)
– Chains (4-6 singles of each movement)
– EMOM’s
– Double & Triple Prog (8×2 > 8×3, or 3-5×3-5 >5×5)

The big thing is to never miss a rep, ever.

You also have the option of building your strength with movement variations if you’re lacking, for example.

16kg Push Jerk >Push Press > Press > Bottoms Up Press > Kneeling Press > Kneeling Bottom Up Press > Z Press > Bottom Z Press > Sots Press > Bottoms Up Sots Press.

(This is without even using yielding/overload options)

^^ You’d aims for hitting ladder sets of 1,2,3,4,5 for 5 total ladders before moving on to the next variation.

Or you could use EMOM’s of 30min until you hit all the reps with a clean reps (no grinding)

Can you see how much room you have for progression and tweaking variables?

I’d say a classic Pull-Push-Legs-Rest rotation will suit most.

Give the humble kettlebell some thoughts.

There is a lot more to this and programming for it, however I’ve written plenty on that subject over the years, so if you have any specific questions pop them below.


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