The whole plate diet to break your limits.

An interesting notion for those willing to read just a little further.

This is not in reference to food though.

It’s all about training and progression.

Here is my recommendation.

You have two choices of plate, 20kg if you fancy a nice big meal or 10kg if a mere snack is all you can handle.

I know what you might be thinking in regards to progression on certain exercises and barbell movements.

A 10-20kg jump would be almost impossible on some movements.

I’m going to tell you that you’re correct.

So, keeping this in mind, what do you think you could do about it?

One answer, vary the movements and also the range you’re lifting in the movement to allow progress.

Here is an example:

Squat – Back squat starts to stall out, drop the load and switch to front squat, progress that for a spell, then when you go back to back squats you’ll find yourself able to handle loads you couldn’t before.

Think about it, if you can hit a 140kg FS for 1, you can almost certainly do that far more easily on a back squat.

Perhaps your press has petered out, no worries.

You simply drop the load and instead of standing you sit your bum on the floor, or better yet adopt a sots press position and level that up for a cycle.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

By limiting the size of weight you can add it will force you to adapt and more importantly, THINK.

A lack of progress doesn’t mean you’ve stopped progressing and hit your limit.

Like Son Goku, you need to overcome what is in front of you, and while he might have been able to scream louder and louder to break through his plateaus, you’ll simply have to replace screaming with different movement patterns.


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