Please, answer this question for me :)

When it comes to asking questions, do you do it for an actual answer or just the one you want?
Go and sit in any college, university or professional lecture and you’ll find there are plenty who want nothing more than to hear what they want to hear.
Don’t get me wrong, we all like being told we’re right.
It gives us that little neurotransmitter hit that makes us feel good, depending on your NT profile you may need this more than others, which funnily enough is why some people seek the answers they want to hear more than others.
The people more willing to learn and be open tend to not lack GABA or Acetylcholine , worth digging in to this.
Being objective can be one of the best ways to achieve your goals in fitness, or even life.
While it would be nice going through life and never being told we’ve gotten something very very wrong, that’s not really likely to happen because the more you learn the more you find out you didn’t actually know.
Man I wish I was 18 again, I knew everything back then.
Therefore I ask you this; what questions do you have and what answers do you expect to hear?
What is your reference frame and reason for wanting those specifically?
More importantly, why do you want to hear the answers you want to hear?
I suspect many will not answer this call of mine, at least not honestly for fear of judgement or some other such nonsense.
The reason I write as I do and probe in to the deep questions you often find is to gain understanding of people, because once you gain understanding and broaden your own perspective you can often help far more than you could initially.
Having an open mind is something we all need, even if it causes us a little pain because we learn things that we’d rather not.
They’re called growing pains for a reason you know.
That my friends is sadly how we move forwards in life and become better versions of ourselves.
Leave your answers below, I look forward to reading them.


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2 responses to “Please, answer this question for me :)

  1. The godlike Robert

    Typically people who ask questions already have the answers. It’s called Confirmation Bias, where they are really not seeking answers but instead confirmation of their own underlying assumptions, bias, and prejudice.

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