Gym Addicts

Hi, my name is Ross and I’m a gym addict.

You’d be forgiven in thinking that it’s not the worst thing to be enamoured with when compared to cocaine, heroin, alcohol and various other narcotics, yet it’s not great either.

How does the old saying go?

There’s no such thing as a healthy obsession.

This thought sprung to mind a being back on 3-4 days per week really does seem to yield my most optimal results, even though there is still a longing to get in and lift more.

I recently slipped back in to multiple gym sessions once again and found myself up a certain creek without a paddle very quickly.


Habit, one that isn’t as good as it’s meant to be.

Keeping the fact in mind that over they years the above (training 3-4 days per week tops) has often produced more, and often solidly consistent progress I still ended up doing more, just because.

Now I feel it is finally time to take a note and step away from the temptation to do more.

Time to let that obsession, that addiction go.

Yep, addiction, because that’s what it was, is.

I’ve never really written that down before… Huh, neat.

Perhaps you’re addicted as well, you just don’t know it yet.

Do you need to run a certain amount each day, even if you’ve lifted or you get jittery?

Can you stray away from your familiarity, your routine or must you follow it to the letter and when change comes around you smily add it to what you’re already doing and they promptly drop the new for the old?

Are you one to embrace the thought of what needs to be done or must you do things a certain way because if you don’t you get those strange symptoms synonymous with what we call withdrawal?

How I will miss those times where there’d be 2-3 sessions a day 6, or maybe even 7 days per week.

Yep, on occasion there was over 18 gym sessions per week.

That’s what a healthy obsession looks like…

Are you chained to routine & habit for no other reason than it just has to be that way, or are you someone who actually makes progress and does what needs to be done, rather than what you might be addicted to doing.

Give it some thought.


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