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It’s not all about Aesthetics

Guess what.
Not everyone who trains does it because they want to be a bodybuilder.
Eek, gasp…. such heresy!
Honestly, it’s true.
If you talk to someone and mention that you train several times a week in the gym, you’ll find most will either silently judge you based on your appearance, and some will just come out and say something like “I thought you’d be bigger.” or similar.
We have become steeped in the bro-dogma.
Any man, woman or unicorn who goes to the gym must immediately want to be a bodybuilder because that’s just how it is, right?
Did you know that you can train without aiming for a purely aesthetic goal, you can seek a performance related one.
This to some people is unfathomable.
So much so that hardly anyone knows the term, concurrent training.
It is fair to say anyone who goes to the gym, that isn’t there because of medical recommendation and health related reasons, wants to look decent.
Life is largely about looks after all, like it or not we are simple creatures and beauty is a universal thing that improves your chances in life.
That being said, training for a defined purpose outside of a bodybuilding one can leave people seriously confused.
Let us take my background, it has always been surrounded around strength to weight ratio, this is because that kind of strength is damn useful in the ring.
Absolute strength is also pretty useful too, however there is a point where you are in fact strong enough, fit enough, you have done enough in the gym and now you need to transfer that to real life or sports.
Here are the minimum strength guidelines I personally adhere to at a minimum, incase you need an arbitrary target.
– Pull ups with 50% of BW as additional load
– TGU with 50% of BW (each arm)
– Press your own BW overhead
– Snatch your own BW
– Carry your own BW in a bear hug for 60seconds
– Bench Press 1.5xBW
– Clean & Jerk 1.5xBW
– Front Squat 2xBW
– Deadlift 2.5xBW
– Be able to sprint, jump, climb, crawl & move pain free
Nothing earth shattering, however for most of life outside of the gym this is enough strength to take you a very long way.
There are some other things such as doing a few consecutive Single Arm Press Ups, Pistols for good measure, and to be considered epically strong a single arm pull up (a long term goal of mine).
You’ve also got a need to have a strong heart.
Let’s be honest, if you get winded running for a bus or up a flight of stairs then you’ve got problems.
These days we are getting weaker and weaker.
Our sedentary lives have seen to that, while aesthetics are a worth endeavour to hit in the gym, they don’t serve much purpose apart from attracting a higher quality mate, strength however, that shits useful until the day you die.
Therefore you’d do well to remember this.
It’s okay not to want to be a bodybuilder, you can go to the gym and train for something other than what the majority think you should train for.

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