When you fail, THEY remember.

Regardless of what you do that is good, well executed or just plain awesome, you’ll probably be remembered for your faults, failures and inherent flaws.
Good old human nature.
While we enjoy sharing in peoples success, sometimes.
It is in watching people fail, stumble or fall that really grabs our interest.
We know this, painfully so.
This is often one reason that people won’t ever really go for the things they desire because if it all goes wrong people won’t be so quick to forget.
Knowing what we know, how do we best approach it?
Is it in the subtle art of not giving a F**K?
They attitude of ‘this person can’?
Could it be just doing things because we want to?
It might be just accepting the fact that people will think, say and act how they want and there is little we will ever be able to do to change that.
There are many answers, each of them correct.
We are often told not to care what others think, however from my experience this is not useful because we do care.
In our lives there will always be people we want to impress, gain respect from or just get a nod of approval.
To deny this is foolish.
If you truly didn’t what others thought there would be little to no motivation to do anything, well, for many people anyway.
It takes a rare individual to be able to consciously achieve anything under the guise of pure self-actualisation.
These people of course do exist, yet they are the exception to the rule, people like you & I though we are not the exceptions, we are the ones who the rule applies to whether we like it or not.
Guess what…
This is okay, being the one the rule applies to.
It give your meaning, purpose and focus if you accept what is. People will remember all the bad shit, because that’s just what we are like, it helps us bring people down to the level we think we are on and protects us from feeling like failures ourselves.
Knowing this, accepting it, that is what helps you let go of such things and how much they matter. Even if you won’t admit it.
You do care what people think, I know you do so there is no sense in lying about it.
It’s okay to care.
In actual fact, it makes things more worth while, try not to forget that.

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