How hard do you train?

You don’t train as hard as you claim you do.
Guess what, that’s cool.
Most people train because it is something to do, or it helps them feel better, and maybe just so they can get out of the house and make friends.
We’ve been lead in to the thought that we must destroy ourselves in the gym, otherwise it’s wasted time.
This isn’t true.
Not to mention people don’t have the level of conditioning, strength or mental toughness to even hit those levels, they just claims o train that way because it sounds right to their peers.
What gives me the right to say this?
I’ve seen it time & again, people need to wake up an due more honest with themselves.
Take HIIT for example, many claim to ‘do HIIT sessions’ I can tell you this is grossly exaggerated because it they did train the way they say their body composition, fitness and overall physicality would be far higher up the ranking scale than it is.
Honestly, you’re probably not doing HIIT, more just moderate intensity inverted training at best.
When it comes to training there are several pain barriers, some stop at the first, a few the second and some the third which to them is the ‘high intensity’ barrier.
It’s not.
There’s several more on top of this.
Dig up some videos of people such as Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis-Hill or any other person we aspire to and you’ll see what real HIIT or rather real hard training is.
You’ll also find they only do this for short periods of time because to sustain it for repeated bouts and in a succession of multiple days is just not going to happen.
A high level trainee might have one, perhaps two ‘hard’ session a week, and then you have Joe Average who claims to have 5,6 or 7 sessions like this a week?
Yea, I don’t think so, their body composition and conditioning tell me that is false.
This is a good thing though, realising you don’t need to go balls to the wall to make a good amount of progress should actually be something you want to hear.
If you had to break training down over 6 months it may look like this:
72 sessions total (3x per week)
Hard sessions 12 = Nut busters, you leave it all out there.
Medium sessions 48 = The bread and butter, just hard enough.
Easy sessions 12 = Active recovery.
This may not fit your bias, however I can tell you it’s a darn sigh amore effective than what you may currently be doing.
Give it some thought.

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