How to trust on the internet.

Who can you trust?
Given all the free info at our fingertips these days it can be difficult to know what’s good, what’s not so good and what is just plain weird.
Morning All,
It is not uncommon to feel lost in the sea of information.
Training wise everyone is looking for that ‘perfect’ program, the one that works so well you won’t ever need anything else.
I have a secret for you.
They all work. Even the ‘bad’ ones.
Realistically the only reason a training protocol wouldn’t work, or yield what it is designed to is because of the following factors:
– You
– You
– You, again
Does this mean that there are no training protocols that might be a tad ambitious or contradictory in their nature, of course not.
Some training looks good on paper and epically fails in application, I have written many that fell to this minor detail, however there have been some who used them and made progress, much to my own amazement.
Most programs, training protocols or however you call them actually work.
Something else to consider is that they are also an ongoing process of learning and development, they grow as we do.
What used to work won’t work forever.
Things need to change, they need to adapt, challenge, overcome and ensure enough positive (and sustainable) stress to elicit taking us int he direction we desire.
So given the large amount of internet peeps who claim theirs are the best, who can you trust?
From experience these are some good places to start:
– StrongFirst
– Thib Army
– Renaissance Periodisation
– Barbell Medicine
These are all you classic style of programming for what most people feel the gym is about; bodybuilding, strength training and generally looking goof naked.
If you have a more specific goal then you will need to do some digging of your own, then reach out and ask questions to see who has used the product you might be interested in. The place you’re looking that have proven results and nothing to hide will be rather forthcoming with any info you ask for, even examples of their product, this shows a solid product because they trust it implicitly, it’s the ones that hold back info and make you pay for every single bit, you should wish to avoid like the plague.

You’d be surprised how many would give you programs for free because they know full well without them you won’t be able to apply it was necessary and that is the key element you must remember, you’re not paying for the arbitrary sets/reps/loads, you’re paying for the experience of the coach.

Can you know 100% that something will be worth your investment?
Sometimes though you’ve just got to roll the dice.
Remember you can also feel free to ask here if you’re not sure on something, you’ll get an honest answer because I’ve got nothing to sell anyone.
Give it some thought.

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