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Disappointment & it’s okay…

That is what we will look at today.
I want you to know it’s okay to feel disappointed.
Shit happens, that’s just life.
We are taught that this is something we should brush off, put aside and forget because it’s painful.
The thing is though that were will be many disappointments in life, and even more in training.
While getting stuck in a self loathing state and wallowing in the above is not healthy, taking some time to accept it, grief and finally learn from it is essential to growth.
You don’t need to be made of stone.
Feeling is a part of what makes us who we are, learn to accept it for what it is; something you can’t change and then focus on the things you can change, that is how we move on.
Just because you don’t hit a goal the first time around that doesn’t mean you won’t hit it the second.
Accept feeling disappointed, heck, even be pissed off about it and them come back with more fight than before and soon enough, you’ll of forgotten all about it and be well on your way to achieving that which you desire.

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