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Raising Standards

How often do you reflect on what you’ve achieved?

Chances are you’ve hit some pretty big goals over the years, and do you know what, you should be proud of yourself for doing so.


With self praise and achieving a goal come a hire base line standard to maintain because that is how you move forwards, by brining or creating a wider base for your pyramid (or whatever shape you choose to use in a metaphorical sense), after all, the wider the base the higher the peak.

This is one thing I’ve seen time and again, people succeed, celebrate (rightly so), then they expect the same adulation moving forwards with no more effort or consideration that what they now have is considered the norm, or at least they’ve made the standard for themselves higher.

I’m sure you’ve raised your own standards over the years through success, and some have perhaps even kept themselves accountable for maintaining this, yet sadly a lot don’t and expect to revert to old habits, life choices or ways and still stay in the same place.

Life doesn’t work like that, sorry.

Be a little tougher on yourself, it won’t kill you, in fact it may just help you continue to move forwards and accept you’ve set the bar quite high now.

Always aim to move forwards, what ever that is to you, just keep moving.

Onwards and upwards, as they say.


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