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Up & Down

Peaks & Valleys.
Let’s talk.
Chances are you’ve heard the term above, it’s fairly common in the fitness realm and often used to describe those times where you will be sitting atop a throne marvelled by many, and other times where you’re feeling like nothing more than a lowly peasant.
While hitting a peak is a glorious thing, it can actually be dangerous to your mental state.
You can see those who want to hold on to a long faded glory on social media, their photos are taken in bulk and then dispensed over several months and even years, all because they can’t face their valley.
There are some people who aren’t happy unless they’re at the top, however we can’t stay at the top forever and the longer we do hold on to the handle that keeps us there the greater the cost will be in the end.
Over the years I’ve known many people who have never been happier than when they were at their leanest and looked shredded to the bone.
While their triumph was outstanding and to be admired, like all things of that nature it couldn’t last, it wasn’t meant to.
After a peak there is always a valley, if there wasn’t then the land would be flat.
They, like many, came down to earth with a heavy bump, so much so that it completely derailed some and sent others in the complete opposite direction never to return to the land of fitness.
Gaining perspective of what is sustainable can be difficult.
To stay in a certain place will require certain immediate sacrifices and costs to your life, this is without even going in to the longer term debt that you’ll need to pay back one day, this is something to keep in mind.
Valleys can be tough.
You don’t look as good as you did.
You are weaker than you were.
You struggle with keeping your nutrition in check.
You feel that everything is much harder than before.
The list can go on, however it’s not worth dwelling on.
To be able to accept that when you’re in one of these places is inevitable is something that will help you climb out of such a place, however there will be a price to pay, as always.
One can keep riding the rollercoaster of physical fitness or you can simply aim to achieve something that is sustainable.
What that exactly is can be up of debate, especially when to most it’s subjective, very very subjective.
Here is an example from some of my male acquaintances:
To be lean all the time = you won’t be very big
To be big all the time = you won’t be at all lean
There may be some exceptions, these unique individuals may be genetically gifted beyond belief, the hardest working decibels you’ll ever know or having a bit of help, if you catch my drift, however what ever the reason it doesn’t matter because you’re not them and what they have probably isn’t sustainable for you, otherwise you’d be one of them.
Just how it is I’m afraid.
Don’t fear the valleys, don’t revel to long at the peaks, let them come and go and aim ti enjoy each for what is has to offer you, experience.

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