Lifting Tips & Childhood Classics

When the young Wart pulled that seemingly innocuous sword from the stone, that day he really did teach us a good lesson in lifting.
If you’ve not read the rather fine collection of books about the Once & Future King by T.H White, you really should.
I lifted this from the book, you’ll find it is filled with gems that apply to our world of lifting and I’m not the only one who thinks this, in fact someone rather well known said this long ago.
You might know him, his name is Dan John.
He even has a book named after one of the lines, can you guess which it is?
How to lift,the Once & Future King Style:
“Oh, Merlyn,” cried the Wart, “help me to get this weapon.”
^^ Having a clearly defined goal in mind.
There was a kind of rushing noise, and a long chord played along with it. All round the churchyard there were hundreds of old friends. They rose over the church wall all together, like the
Punch and Judy ghosts of remembered days, and there were badgers and nightingales and vulgar crows and hares and wild geese and falcons and fishes and dogs and dainty unicorns and solitary wasps and corkindrills and hedgehogs and griffins and the thousand other animals he had met.
^^ Reflection on knowledge gained and shared.
They loomed round the church wall, the lovers and helpers of the Wart, and they all spoke solemnly in turn. Some of them had come from the banners in the church, where they were painted in heraldry, some from the waters and the sky and the fields about-but all, down to the smallest shrew mouse, had come to help on account of love.
^^ Umm, warm fuzzy feelings?
Wart felt his power grow.
^^ Focus of mind, body and perhaps spirit, if you’re in to that sort of thing.
“Put your back into it,” said a Luce (or pike) off one of the heraldic banners, “as you once did when I was going to snap you up. Remember that power springs from the nape of the neck.”
^^ A solid posterior and well developed chain with good posture is a key element required for strength.
“What about those forearms,” asked a Badger gravely, “that are held together by a chest? Come along, my dear embryo, and find your tool.”
^^ Connection the extremities, the distal and proximal, the body must begin to converge and work as a unit to achieve strength and success.
A Merlin sitting at the top of the yew tree cried out, “Now then, Captain Wart, what is the first law of the foot? I thought I once heard something about never letting go ?”
^^ Become grounded, braced, solid, immovable and unshakable, all this is achieved by generation tension (required torque).
“Don’t work like a stalling woodpecker,” urged a Tawny Owl affectionately. “Keep up a steady effort, my duck, and you will have it yet.”
^^ Hold your form and GRIND!
A white-front said, “Now, Wart, if you were once able to fly the great North Sea, surely you can co-ordinate a few little wing-muscles here and there? Fold your powers together, with the spirit of your mind, and it will come out like butter. Come along, Homo sapiens, for all we humble friends of yours are waiting here to cheer.”
^^ Keep utilising the body as a unit, everything should work together because there is strength in numbers.
The Wart walked up to the great sword for the third time. He put out his right hand softly and drew it out as gently as from a scabbard.
^^ Ain’t nothing but a peanut.
There you have it, a lesson in lifting from our Once & Future King.
It is not uncommon for people to forget to coordinate their body, to generate tension, hold form and overcome the task before them and instead opt for the easy way out.
We’ve all done it.
Certainly have, however it is in this one simple realisation or perhaps admission to ourselves that we can ascertain if we have what it takes to succeed or not.
When the time comes, it’s do or die, as they say.
Are there times have you given in before you should have?
How many times have your forgotten the foundational principles you learned in an effort to rush towards the prize and circumvent the price that needs be paid to Charon, or who ever is asking for it.
I do enjoy reading older books these days, they are filled with hidden gems that once upon a time I wasn’t able to see.
Do you have any that you’ve picked up that you’d like to share?

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