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Training session structure 101

Don’t get your hopes up, this is nothing special 😂
If anything I hope it will give you a better idea/guide of what makes for an easily repeatable session set up and movement pairs.
– W/U – Arbitrary movement work to help you RAMP*
– Skill – Lift Practice, say Bent Press or Snatch
– Strength Section – For Hypertrophy, Strength etc
– Conditioning Section – Accessory work or a Finisher
– C/D – Standard cool down and flexibility development
Pretty simple, not gospel, just useful for some to know.
I would advise that you rotate your training days so that you have a mixture of Hard-Medium-Easy sessions.
Often an easy session with precede or follow a heavy session, that is just good common sense and planning, that way the majority of your training will be in the medium effort range, just right for making progress.
As for pairing things together, these work well:
– Push, Hinge, Loaded Carries
– Pull, Squat, Loaded Carries
– Full Body Lifts, Carries
– Sprinting Endeavours & Movement
The above offers a good way to set things up for super sets, tri-sets, circuits and so on.
As for sets and reps here are the guidelines I follow for myself:
– 90%+ lifts 10 reps total
– 70-80% lifts 50-75 reps total
– <60% lifts 75-250 reps total
Training 2-7 times per week following the above works quite nicely, just make sure you cover each movement pattern (push, pull, squat etc) equally for general GPP, if you need to add in SPP then hire a coach.
Use the above well, it might just make putting training programs tother easier than you currently find it.
*Raise the pulse, Acclimatise to required movement patterns , Mobilise joints, Potentiate the muscles you’re about to use.
**The ‘A’ commonly stands for “Activate the muscles” I just don’t like the term so I changed it.

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