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Nobodies perfect, or are they?

Good Morning All,
That word has always fascinated me, perfect.
Is it something that is purely dependent on context, an individuals subjective idea of what it is, global standards or something else entirely.
I suppose perfect could just be just about anything, especially in this modern world where everyone will look for any reason they can to protect what they think.
The notion of achieving such a height is commonly spoken about, however it has one glaring flaw.
It leaves people an ‘out’.
What do I mean by this?
It’s simple, just by setting such a high standard or goal that is near impossible to achieve it won’t matter if someone doesn’t reach it because it has a built in safety next of being almost too unrealistic, so if someone fails then they don’t need to lament it because no mere mortal could have done it, or so we’d say.
The above is something that people apply to a lot of their goals.
Setting the bar too high or too low are so similar it’s scary because both have built in and acceptable tolerances for failure so that the person doesn’t need to feel bad or experience shame for not doing what they said they were going to do.
It can be said that this is why people set goals that fall in to one of those two categories, as which ever it is it doesn’t matter if they don’t hit it because people will make excuses for them given the magnitude or insignificance of the goal.
Are you someone who sets goals in this way?
Or are you someone who sets challenges that are tough enough to make you struggle and sweat blood to achieve them for their rewards, which are worth it and just important enough that you care if you fail?
I hope you are.
Feeling disappointed, feeling shame in not doing what you said you would isn’t a bad thing, these emotions can keep you moving forwards when understood and utilised correctly.
The pain of shame and failure can be a brilliant motivator for someone to move away from the place they’re in and towards a better one, remember that.
Remember that nobodies perfect or achieve their perfect goals, however plenty of people achieve though goals that truly test their character and are pretty damn awesome as a result, just like you.


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