3 Different ways to hit your volume goals.

Evening All,
Increasing volume is one of the most time tested ways to make progress, in many training endeavours.
That being said, it can be pretty tough to keep getting in more volume through straight sets, purely for the monotony if nothing else.
This is something I’m currently battling with.
As such here are 3 little ways to get in extra volume without compensating on intensity (actual load).
Let us say that you’re aiming to hit a total number of lifts on your press of say 75 in a session, however 15 sets of 5 just aren’t grabbing you and those sets of 5 are flying up, in fact you’ve probably got sets of 7 with that weight you’re using, this is how you can break it up a little.
^^ If this sounds a tad specific it is because I’m thinking of my kettlebell press, with the 28kgs it’s a solid 7 and 8 at max effort, however the 32’s for reps elude me still. First world problems.
1 – Undulating Back Off Sets
Total NL to hit – 75, 2-4 reps will be used each set until 75 is hit and it may look like this:
This might be paired with a SuperSet of Pull Ups matching the reps.
Rest as needed.
So you undulate the reps between the rep option base don your own feeling of fatigue and speed of the reps.
2 – EMOM Sets
An every minute on the minute (EMOM) can actually be great fun, just make sure that each bout of lifting is 15 seconds or under in the initial stages.
25min, 3 reps per set, all snappy reps and the best part is everything is over nice and fast, be warned though, this is harder in reality than on paper.
3 – Ladder Sets
A personal favourite of mine, the reps in the ladder can vary depending on what it is your doing and the needs, however for the above this is what it might look like:
Ladders can be any style of sequential reps, 3-5-7, or 8,4,2 for example, and any other combination you can think of to hit your target NL for the day.
If like me you’re stuck on putting in the reps then these may help.

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