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Motivational Quotes

Fitspiration, what a word that is.
Morning All,
We do enjoy creating new words these days that start off in the urban dictionary and eventually find their way in to the Oxford one.
In all logic and candour, all words are made up.
Once upon a time every single word I’ve just written would have been newly made up, so I suppose the creation of new language isn’t something to really fret over, just the meaning behind the words perhaps.
Let us take the one above, Fitspiration.
It is steeped in motivational quotes telling people to love themselves, to work harder to be rewarded, to give it their all and so on.
This seems to have backfired epically.
Endless hoards of people are triggered by the pictures of what they feel is unachievable (not always the case), put down by those who value health/fitness and performance because if you don’t have those things they feel the message is telling them to be ashamed at their current lot in life.
These days if people can find something to gripe about they will, it’s quite tiresome really.
As each day passes by the minds of the mediocrity become more and more fragile, so much so that a butterfly landing would case their castle to fall, it’s a sad state.
Training was meant to be an endeavour to help people improve their health, their self esteem, confidence and generally not die too early, yet if you promote it then you might be called out for fat shaming, or trying to enforce a dogmatic view that everyone needs to subscribe to a certain body image and way of life.
Seriously people, it’s getting a bit silly now.
I persoanlly find it funny in world that is trying to champion acceptance it only seems to go one way, the way of those who don’t want anything to do with taking responsibility for their own health, appearance or feelings and push blame on any, everything else for feeling bad because heaven forbid they look internally for their answers.
The gym, or any place of training used to be somewhere you could go to let off steam, or peruse a goal, or make friends, what ever happened to that place?
Beware of getting drawn in to the dogma of you must train for something, because in all honesty you don’t need to, if you do it for a social outlet or just something to do, that’s cool.
The same goes for those who want to achieve some pretty epic strength or aesthetic goals, that’ cool too.
What ever the reason you choose to train, make sure it’s your own.

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