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Power & Pump, for the win!
I’m not personally one for seeking a pump, it’s too much effort for very little reward in the realms of strength.
That being said, here is a nice little set/rep protocol you can follow to really get that blood flowing that will also help stimulate your body with a novel amount of stress to maintain and perhaps even increase your strength.
Here is what to do.
– Pick on lift you wish to get a good pump on
– Do one or two warm up sets of that lift
– Progressively RAMP these reps 5-3-2*
– Take 80% of the 5 rep
– With the 80% do 4-6 reps
– Aim for 15-25 sets (build to this over serval sessions)
– 30-60 seconds rest only, if you rest longer then you stop
– Achieve pump
Looks easy on paper, it’s not, however it is rather good fun.
*Now you could look to use the 3 or 2 rep to take a % from, however if you did then I’d suggest 70% of the 3rep and 60% of the 2rep.
*The overall progression idea is that your focus will be on the 5-3-2 and trying to either make your double much smoother or adding some form of weigh tot those numbers over let us say a 6 week period (you can go for longer, however most people get bored after a 6 week block).
You can decide to follow a classic bro-split style of training, or maybe look to hit each movement every 3-5 days, perhaps it will end up being that you do 2 lifts per session using the above (one whole body lift and one half body lift, for example Squat & Pull Up)
Looking to hit about 45-60min is a good target each session as this will still allow for a fairly normal life to happen.
Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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