How you can use the internet to create a damn good year of training for FREE!

Do you need to periodise your training if you’re not an athlete?
No, absolutely not.
It is a time proven way of producing results, therefore it is worth considering.
Morning All,
Learning how to periodise can be a prolific ball ache, seriously, there are a lot of variable to take in to account, thus the popularity of short 12 week transformations and cookie cutter training protocols.
Some will say the short protocols (12 weeks or less) are of no use, and while they are not entirely wrong as these styles of program are of linear in progressions which will leave a strong or conditioned person dead on their feet, they have uses for the weaker among the species.
You’ll also be pleased to know that there is a way you can use these types of training routines to your advantage and create a periodisation hybrid, here is an example:
Months 1-3 – Pavel’s PTTP & GTG on two lifts
Months 4-6 – TSC Protocol & Squat Everyday
Months 7-9 – CrossFit
Months 10-12 – Dan John’s Armour Building/Mass Made Simple Program
Boom, 12 months of training.
There is logic to them.
Months 1-3 – Strength Building, Movement Maintenance
Months 4-6 – Strength Realisation, Movement Maintenance
Months 7-9 – GPP & Summer Shredzzz
Months 10-12 – Hypertrophy/Strength Building
You will need appropriate nutrition in each 3 month block, however upon starting a new one the volume/intensity will drop allowing a natural deload.
The different focus on each training block is in line with the 4 seasons, this is a great way to train and makes applying the cookie cutter and free online training programs a pinch to fit in to a year.
So there you have it, how you can use all the free information on the internet to create a periodised training program of sorts to allow you to get the results you desire.
If this is too much hassle then you have only two other choices:
1 – Just faff about like many others do
2 – Hire a trainer/coach
Give it some thought.

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