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To look good all year or not to look good, that is the question.

Looking good all year round is not something everyone wants to achieve.
However if that is your goal then here are my top 6 tips for doing it.
1 – Accept that it’s a lifestyle
2 – Train for strength
3 – Eat for health
4 – Live for enjoyment and don’t be neurotic
5 – Understand there will be peaks & troff’s in your look
6 – Establish what ‘looking good’ means to you
The above are quite vague, so I will expand on them 🙂
1 – The hard part for many is accepting that holding a certain aesthetic all year will involve some potential changes to their life and may even mean there are certain things that might not be worth their while doing due to their self imposed mental repercussions (see points 4/5/6).
2 – Training for strength is paramount in maintaining youth, especially in your posterior chain. This means you will spend more time training the following:
– Deadlifts
– Pulls
– Carries
– Cleans/Snatches (barbell or variations)
– Pressing Overhead
– Essentially train movements/movement patterns, not muscles
Mirror muscles are secondary in your training, avoid majoring in the minors and you’ll carve a body that Michelangelo would be proud of.
3 – This one shouldn’t really take much explaining so I will be brief.
– High quality meats
– High quality veggies
– Drink plenty of water
– A good multivitamin supplement can be useful
Essentially don’t eat like a child – sweets, cakes, crisps, snack foods etc.
4 – You may feel that point number three means you will never again be able to enjoy a food that you just want, this is a false logic, of course you can enjoy the food, you can even go overboard on it from time to time just don’t be too hard on yourself when that happens.
We are a curious animal that will always want more of what we can’t have or a told we are not to have, thus there is nothing you can’t eat, drink or do, it’s your choice, just accept that there will be some potential consequence, then get over it and don’t stress.
5 – Relating to point four & three, you will have times where you are super inclined to eat all the meat, veg and truing consistently (the stars align and life is good), as a result you look, feel and perform amazingly, understanding that this won’t last if as mentioned in point four you take your foot of the gas pedal and just enjoy life, be that going out for birthdays, having a hilly or wedding etc, it will happen and then a troff will occur.
This is okay you know, the chicness are you will still look, feel and perform well, the secret is not to panic and feel yourself a failure for ‘losing’ all your hard earned results, that is just rubbish and very negative to think, you had epic focus, then you had epic fun, it’s a state of flow so just let it happen and learn to enjoy the good times and buckle down when it’s needed.
6 – This last one is the hard part, what does looking good mean to you?
If that is being lean, highly muscled, super strong and essentially a movie star or stage ready then you will need to accept that your good times will be perhaps of a limited amount each year (the all out parties we mentioned above).
Say that looking good to you is just being confident enough to have sex with the lights on, well you may have more leeway and more frivolous times in the year, this is not a dogmatic view of things, it’s just common sense.
Think of the classic car example.
If you own a Ferrari you can drive it everyday, however it will take a lot of maintenance and it might be worth it to you, however it’s a lot of time, effort and attention that will be required as opposed to having perhaps an Audi A4 that can be driven daily and kept in good nick with a lot less effort. It’s still a solid car that will be admired, however it’s no Ferrari, and that’s okay because it doesn’t need to be if it’s not what you want.
This example is the same for your body, the ‘better’ you want to look the more effort and attention to detail you need to put in, simple.
Does that make sense?
All of the above are simple points that if you really take the time to think over will provide you will some clarity as to what you really desire and what it will take to sustain it.

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