One sign your training might not be as ‘hard core’ as you think it is.

Morning All,
When it comes to training mindset the thought of ‘harder is better’ is a common one and while no one is saying that hard graft doesn’t get results, what people think it is and what it actually is are two different things.
The easy sign that you’re not applying the required hard graft in the correct way is a simple one – the result you have.
These can be body composition related, strength/performance biased, emotional and many other things, however for the sake of the classic fitness goal of ‘lose weight and tone up’ we shall go with your body composition – how you look.
A simpel question to ascertain if you’re putting in the desired/required hard work:
How do you feel you look?
Good, bad, indifferent or somewhere in between, essentially it comes down to how you perceive yourself and if you have achieved what you set out to.
A lot of people will claim that ‘looking good’ is subjective and I agree with them, it is.
So if you feel your’e working as hard as you possibly can and yet still haven’t achieved your goal, them perhaps it might be time to rethink what you are doing.
Most will go down the route of “I must train even harder.” and while that might be what is needed, I will tell you from experience that for the average person 10/10 times it’s not and what is really required is training smarter/productively.
The more is better, harder is key philosophy comes from athletes and people at the highest level.
Each persona t the top talks of their hard work and dedication, sacrifice and commitment, which is all true, however the sheer amount they are doing now has taken then decades to build up to, not months like many of you weekend warriors have been training.
While everyone enjoys a good hard session, you’d want perhaps one of those a week, two medium effort sessions and a light session, if you trained 4 days a week that is.
Essentially the older thought process of a Hard-Medium-Easy training rotation (or fatigue accumulation and deloading) is a wise one to adopt.
Too often people are in a rush, seeking that quick fix, that instant result, training doesn’t work like that, life doesn’t work like that and this is something you ned to accept.
Your training should have a purpose, does it?
I have another question for you, what is it about working hard, leaving the gym dead that resonates with you?
Why do you feel this is what you need to do?
It would be great to have a small insight in to why you think as you do because over the years I’ve learnt that more isn;t ever really better, it’s just more.
Train with purpose, train to become better, not just to become tired.

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