There really is no better school than the old school

An odd set of lifts for oddly ostentatious results.
Morning all,
You’d be amazed at just how impressive a physique you can create with just one lift and minimal weight.
The single arm barbell Get up, a truly great movement.
The single arm barbell press is also pretty outstanding and can be performed once you’ve done the get up.
All you do is pick up the bar from the floor, bring it to your shoulder and press it overhead, you may end up doing a strict press, a side press or a bent press depending not he weight, however over time you may progress from say a bent press (allow heavier load) to doing the same weight for a strict press.
Next up you have Zecher Squats (and carries), these make a lovely paring with Floor Presses.
Actually Floor Presses also work well with Power Cleans (these are not so odd, still good though).
Then we have single arm deadlifts, be that sumo, split or suitcase style, they’re all good.
You may notice a theme with most of the simple notions I pop up, that being minimalistic and often towards movements that will yield the most bang for your buck.
I’m not oppose to classic body building methods, however for most people who lack time to train they’d be far better off spending their time doing more productive things, as opposed to bicep curls and lateral raises.
The few movements above are not normal to most people, this will result in inefficient training and a stressor that can help many break their plateaus and become stronger.
You can YouTube all the lifts above.
I would also suggest you take a look at this website:
You can get some great books here that have a large amount of training gems in them.
Each book is from a much simpler time where the main measure of your character was your not only your resilience, it was also your patience.
Have a good read and enjoy,

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