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Why you hate the truth

Three reasons why people don’t like the truth.
1 – It forces them to become accountable.
2 – It provides no quick fix and confirms no bias.
3 – It often makes them feel bad.
Looking at the above and accepting the simper fact that often what we need to hear makes us uncomfortable is something we have to deal with, and yet a great many people KNOW this is the case, they just choose to bury their head in the sand a feign ignorance.
Guys, ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s just ignorance.
It doesn’t protect you, if anything it causes you more problems and makes you look like a mug, honestly.
In out world of magical quick fixes, surgical procedures and wonder drugs we are becoming very delusional, or rather willingly blind and ready to give up our freedom to fall in to the middle ground.
Of course people can choose how they live, they will say, yet is this really best?
Many will fall back on a cop out answer that sits firmly on the fence because they’re scared of speaking out, of having an opinion, in claiming a mind of their own.
Do you know where this fear comes from?
It’s surmised to be a habitual trait passed down genetically from times where we lived in small tribes and that ostracism from said tribe meant death, therefor we will subconsciously do what ever it takes to fit our square selves in to round holes.
Do you know what, I get it. I understand that fear.
Yet letting it rule you is not always the best option, especially in a social setting, have you ever noticed that your circle of friends will support you in only so much as so that they can still keep a hold over you, keep you in your place in the dominance hierarchy.
People always say the want you to do well, what they mean is that they want you to do well so long as it doesn’t compromise their own status or make the question their place.
If you start reaching for more and climbing out of the hole the other who are still there will pull you back down, much like crabs do when they have been caught and thrown in to a bucket.
^^ Yep, this little crab fact is true.
This is where the truth comes in to play.
It’s easier to go with the majorities convenient truth than it is to seek out what you may find it actually the truth.
I won’t lie to you and say it’s easy, it’s not.
In fact it’s very scary and will force you in to places of thought you never knew existed, you will be uncomfortable, stressed, perhaps even feel like you’re fighting for your very survival once you leave the comfort of the group, and yet it is the only way you will ever grow.
Organisms, even complex ones like us humans need stressors. We need them to make us adapt, become more resilient, to survive and become stronger, better and evolve.
Without stress of this magnetite, without truth there can be no evolution, something worth thinking about.
Take the time to have a look at your life.
Does it challenge you anymore?
Does it fill you with equal amounts excitement and dread?
Does it have you yearning for more?
As they say, the truth will set you free.

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