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The Scouser’s had it right.

To hit a big lift you’ve got to get fired up and get angry, right?

Well not necessarily.

Did you know that this excess excitation will actually cause a great detriment to your sympathetic nervous system over a long period of time.

There are a lot of people who hit the gym and do so with their aggression levels set at full, and while this may seem like a good way to destress it actually have the opposite affect due to a spike in adrenaline levels and can in fact leave you more fatigued in the long run.

Given we live in a world that is bombarded with stress almost 24/7 in some areas, the use of ammonia for a deaf lit that is less than 700lbs minimum is probably a bit of a waste in all honestly.

Have you ever heard the term ‘Lift with a calm heart’.

*You’d also do well to dig in to heart rate variability and heart rate recovery for performance/health reasons as well, just for extra learning 🤗

If not it is one you should highly consider taking a note of because the more you try and rag your body with high octane efforts of aggression, the faster your body will decline and you’ll soon be a smouldering pile of mulch.

Of course you don’t need to listen to me, however for your own health, wellbeing and longevity I’d suggest looking in to this subject.

In fact here is a great place to start –


All of his books and also the ones he has co-authored with people such as Pavel Tsatsouline are worth their weight in gold for performance.

Don’t be angry in the gym, be calm, be focused, be successful in your lifts and above all else be happy you’ve got the chance to lift, learn & live as you do.


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