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Little Miss & Mr Stress

How stressed are you on a scale of 1-a large glass of wine please, and leave the bottle.
Morning All,
When it comes to stress it’s easy to get caught up in it, to find ourselves dragged out to sea by the tide of our own drama.
While stress will inevitably be there, how we react and deal with that stress is down to us, really, it is.
Take this for example.
You receive bad news, as such you can,
A – get angry and put your fist through a door, thus making yourself more stressed.
B – take a deep breath, walk away form it and come back to deal with it when you’ve calmed down.
In both instances the stressor hasn’t disappeared, it hasn’t changed, however what has changed is how YOU decided to react to it.
One piles more stress on top and doesn’t get you anywhere, the other gives you time to think and perhaps the thought capacity to find a solution and realise it’s not as bad as you initially thought.
The above (point A) is a real life example of an old client who had been training consistently and not made any progress on the scales, that was down t their poor eating habits by the way.
Their reaction did them no favours apart from stressing them out further, it took quite a while before they eventually calmed down enough (several days later) to have a logical conversation and start to address some lifestyle habits that were perhaps not the most conducive to success.
We did have to overcome the denial, and blatant diversion of responsibility first before they accepted their own fault in the lack of progress, however we got there in the end.
It is human nature to quickly justify their poor choices, habits or reactions, we all go through it at times and what separates those who move on from those who don’t is their ability to acknowledge a stressor for what it is and take control of it, instead of letting it take control of them.
Give the above some thought, perhaps even write down some times you’ve overreacted, knowledge your fault in it all, then let it go, move on and continue with your life.

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