A tricky question indeed.

“Why is it easier for men to lose weight faster than women?”

A solid question, the answers are a mixture of common sense, physiology and behaviours/habits.

Here are a few reasons:

Men tend to be less emotional and more focused on their goal, not always just often.

Typically men have more LBM (muscle) initially than women and enjoy lifting weights and building more LBM, not always just typically, this helps in fat loss.

The majority of men don’t have an emotional attachment to food, some do however it’s often far less than the ladies.

When it comes to making a concerted effort to make change they tend to stick to their guns and stay the course due to knowing that if they slip they won’t have the will power to get back on track (essentially avoid emotional eating and excess snacking).

The list could go on and while both will potentially come up against the same barriers it is in how they are handled that will determine if change truly happens.

Of course it’s not gospel, however if you spend enough time in a gym you will see the common trends.

Men hit the weights, ladies hit cardio machines, again not always just often.

You might call them gym stereotypes, which is not an issue as they exist for a reason (because they’re true).

When it comes to shifting weight there are some simple guidelines to keep in mind, regardless of which gender applies them.

– Consistency/adherence to the goal
– A calorie deficit is required for weight/fat loss
– Building more muscle
– Consistency/adherence to the goal
– Creating sustainable eating habits
– Becoming aware of any emotional eating or food related crutches they have in their life currently
– Consistency/adherence to the goal

Everyone has the capability to do well and achieve many a varied goal, one of the main factors that separates the successful from the not so successful is their overall desire to succeed.

Is something is important enough people will do what it takes, if it’s not really that important they will make excuses and fall back in to old habits/behaviours.

Taking the above in to consideration, what current behaviours do you have that are less than conducive to progress in the direction you desire and how can you make small sustainable changes in these to help aid your journey towards your goal?

Give it some thought.


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