If you’re easily offended don’t read this. No, seriously don’t.

“I’m such a foodie, lolz.”
If you ever say this with in my earshot I’d like you to know that I now think you’re an absolute belled.
Yep, bellend.
Everyone likes food you know, that doesn’t make the world foodies, it makes them normal human beings who are trying to sustain that fragile thing called life.
Once upon a time that was something quite endearing and perhaps a little funny to hear, now it screams out that the person saying it has little to know metal strength and is in actual fact a bit gluttonous.
I know, such a mean thing to say however it’s often true.
These sorts of things are said by people who often live in the first world, making it the embodiment of a first world problem.
The same goes for people who claim they get ‘Hangry’.
So you can’t go for more than 5 minutes without stuffing your face and getting your fix otherwise you will turn in to a grumpy shit?
Seriously, stop being such an entitled little bitch because no one cares if you get hangry, so toughen up and get over yourself.
Of course you don’t need to care about my views however I felt it was fair to let you know them because that’s what the internet if for 🤗
Rant over.

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