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It’s About Time

TUT, time under tension.

It has been well documented that you need a minimum of 30 seconds to trigger a hypertrophic response in your muscles, provided the load is adequate and you have a solid mind muscle connection.

You will also find that for body building purposes 70seconds seems to be the sweet spot, of course you can do more however that then becomes an exercise in mental toughness.

As the old saying goes; fatigue makes cowards of us all.

Given the above I have three little challenges for you that will not only build some lean muscle, they will also yield some excellent conditioning as well.

1 – Kettlebell Clean & Press for 10-20min

5 clean & presses each minute, once you’ve done the reps you hold the kettlebells in the rack position for the remainder of your minute, then go again until your chosen time is up.

2 – Squat your bodyweight for 5min

It’s just as it sounds, load your bodyweight on a bar and squat it nonstop for 5min. Once you can do this with 1.5xBW you’ve become a truly strong hombre.

3 – Bear Hug Carry half your bodyweight 400m

Having a distance for this one is more useful than a time I’ve found, people seem to get more out of this than a time limit. Once you can do the 400m unbroken with 0.5xBW, work you way towards bodyweight, you’ll have a body worthy of Zeus or Athena when you do 400m with bodyweight.

Chucking these in will help you create a body to last.


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