4 ways the humble beach towel can make you stronger.

Morning All,
Given the return of the sun in the UK to means you still have use for your beach towel, however once the sun finally says it’s goodbyes I want to share with you some ways in which your beach towels can stave off becoming dust ridden and moth eaten until the next time the sun is out in full force.
1 – Towel Grip Pull Ups
Pretty self explanatory, throw it over a bar, tree branch or support beam, grab the ends and start doing pull ups.
2 – Towel Deadlifts
Wrap the towel around the bar to thicken it up and deadlift to your hearts content, you can also have two towels and hold them in a similar fashion to what you would doing a pull up (meaning you won’t be holding the bar, just the towels so make sure they are strong).
3 – Towel Farmers Walks
Put some plates or any weight in the towel, wrap up said weight and hold the end, from here carry them until your grip gives out or you hit your desired distance or time.
4 – Any Gym Cable Movement
Put the towel through the Carabiners and away you go.
Pretty simple really.
These kinds of exercises will give you a tremendous improvement in your grip, back and overall strength, start off lighter than you think you should and build from there.

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