Two Tips for Timed Training

Do you linger in the gym longer than you perhaps should?

How much time do you waste faffing about in the gym?

What ever the answers here are two little gems to help you focus, improve your productivity and perhaps start making progress once again.

1 – Set up a timer for 20-45min, start it the second you step foot in the gym and you will leave once it hits zero.

2 – Pick one or two lifts, sets/reps/load are at your discretion.

Try these pairs:

– Hinge/Push
– Squat/Pull
– Carry/CV
– Crawling/Climbing
– Not 100% set in stone, manipulate the pairs with each other as you see fit.

That’s it.

Working to a time limit in a super set fashion will keep you from dillydallying and might even shift your gears enough to get you closer to your goals.

This is highly focused on the principle of escalating density in your training so get in, get focused and get results.



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