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Two Tips

With all the options available to you that are meant to help you achieve your goals, is it any wonder you’re confused?

It’s okay, I’ve been there as well.

Heck, honesty I was here for a long time, a lot are.

In knowing so much we end up doing very little, a such here are two bits of advice for you.

1 – Look at people that achieved what you did back before the invention of the internet, perhaps even as far back as the early 1900’s or before.

2 – Pick one training philosophy or protocol and give it an honest try, something like 6months will be good because if you stick with it you’ll have broken the habit of a lifetime and learnt to trust in a process.

Achieving health or fitness isn’t hard, it’s sustaining it that’s the tricky part, especially when there is so much temptation.

Your goals, desires and needs are your own, be sure to do things for you.


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