Split Opinions

Training split considerations for optimal frequency base don how many days you can train per week.
Did you know that it is considered optional that you train a movement/muscle every 3-5 days. Of course this is for most average people, if you get someone who is godly strong then the rules change.
Here is a guide for the kind of strength levels to look out for based on the classic big 3 lifts.
If you can Squat 5 plates, Bench 4 & Deadlift 6, then you can probably look at a training frequency of hitting each movement every 5-7 days.
If you can’t hit those numbers ten every 3-5 is more than likely better for you.
Okay, the split considerations.
2 days per week –
Full Body for most people.
If your crazy strong then a Push/Pull split will do you well.
3 days per week –
– Full Body
– Upper/Lower
– Push/Pull
Crazy strong = Pull/Push/Legs
4 Days per week –
– Full Body
– Upper/Lower
– Push/Pull
Crazy Strong = Pull, Push, Legs, Push & Pull
When you start to get in to the realms of 5-6days a week training you’ll find that a Pull-Push-Legs or Upper/Lower split works well for most people. The Crazy Strong ones may have heavy & light days, however you’ll often find that people of that level of strength train 3-4 days per week on average as the amount of stress they are placing on their body demands a lot of recovery.
Give most of us have real lives and jobs many are looking at 2-4 days in the gym per week, as such Full body or Push/Pull would be my go to recommendations.
If you plan a full body routine think about these movement patterns:
Loaded Carry, Squat, Hinge, Pull, Push – use a different movement for each of these every session, for example, 3 days a week would have three pushes – Incline Press, Close Grip Bench & Overhead Press for example, you get the idea.
A push/pull split is easy to program, think about it in terms of squat, presses for push, and deadlift, rows etc for pull, stick with that philosophy and you won’t go far wrong.
Before we go I have a quick thing for you to think about, have a solid strength related goal in mind as this will help you actually make some progress in the gym.
A classic is this:
Press one plate, bench two plates, squat three, deadlift four, this is for most chaps, ladies can match this or perhaps aim for 3/4’s, it’s all about what you want at the end of the day.
To most people this will be enough strength for them to live a good life and with the proper nutritional protocol love pretty decent as well.

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