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A 4Week Treat

Looking for something simple yet effective for body 4 weeks? 

Try this – 

Everyday do 250 kettlebell swings accompanied by a set of presses, pulls, squats, for sets of 5.


Day 1

A1 – Swings sets of 25 (10 total)

A2 – Presses x5 

Day 2

A1 – Swings sets of 25 (10 total)

A2 – Pulls x5 

Day 3

A1 – Swings sets of 25 (10 total)

A2 – Squats x5

Day 4

A1 – Swings sets of 50 (5 total)

A2 – Presses x5 – heaver presses as less total press volume 

It’s as simple as that.   


Okay, there are other options, the above is surprisingly effective however not many would want to do just that for 4 weeks, keeping this in mind here is an option for 3-5days per week, you could try it everyday for a month like the above, however you’d need to cycle the loads/intensity. 

1 – 75-250 swings 

2 – 25-75 squats 

3 – 15-25 presses/pulls 

4 – 5-15 full body movements or carries  

The movements (apart from the swing) can change, so presses might be one day Press, next day Close Grip Bench, day after that Single Arm Barbell Press and so on. 

You can use the rep ranges to play with different loads, different RM’s rest periods, any variable you choose.

Using the Heavy, Light & Medium rotation works well, so 75 heavy swings might be done with a 48kg because to you that might be wha you class as ‘heavy’. As for the presses a simple double kettlebell press might be 2x32kgs, you get the idea. .

Example day with kettlebells/BB (you could mix in any kit):

1 – 250 swings (light) 24kg 2hand swing 

2 – 50 squats  (medium) pair of 32kg double rack front squat 

3 – 15 presses/pulls (heavy) pair of 32kg – press/renegade row

4 – 15 x10-20m carries (light) bodyweight bear hug carry

You could do each day with kettlebells and a sand bag, or any kit you choose, perhaps the heavy squat where yo go foe 15 solid reps will be done with a barbell so you can really maximise  the weigh you use, the options are limitless. 

The only element that is really best with a kettlebell exclusively is the initial 75-250 swings. 

This simple yet effective protocol might just be what you need to have some freedom in your training to do little of what you fancy with some structure of what you need. 



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