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Doing less, better.

“Inch wide, mile deep”
An interesting quote.
Many have it in reverse – inch deep, mile wide.
I wrote of this before, yet it seems to be sticking in my mind which means something hasn’t been covered or fully understood my end.
If you’re ready some of the past posts you will have seen the ones on abbreviated training programs and their effectiveness.
The ethos of doing less better.
While that style of training won’t put you on the Olympia stage, they will yield a lot of progress and give a robust look that most people would be quite content with. After all, not everyone has the dream of being the absolute Don.
You can also apply the principle of “Same yet different”, all you need to is utilise these size movement patters as the base (you’d also do well to train in multiple planes of movement as well – frontal, sagittal, traverse).
Push – Pull – Squat – Hinge – Loaded Carry (locomotion) – Full Body
You may train 5 days a week, or on a rotating day on day off, perhaps three on one off, it doesn’t matter, you can manipulate things as needed.
Here is an example:
Day 1 – Push Press & Snatch Grip Deadlift
Day 2 – Squat & Farmer Walks
Day 3 – Snatch
Day 4 – Off
Day 5 – Incline Press & Trap Bar Deadlift
Day 6 – Front Squat & Bent Over Row
Day 7 – Off
All for 8×2-3 or 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 or 5×2-3-5
You got a lot of options.
The idea of this style of training is to stick to a select few exercises that offer a lot of bang for you buck.
You may keep this selection for 4-6 weeks, then adjust them, you may have only one moment per day, it’s up to you.
The take home is this.
It’s okay to do less, just make sure you do it better.

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