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A snippet from some late night reading.

Morning All,
As per routine there is always 30min of reading before bed, sometimes more.
The book that was randomly grabbed was called ‘Beast Tamer
How to Master the Ultimate Russian Kettlebell Strength Challenge’
It is geared around completing the Beast Challenge.
1x Pistol, Single Arm Press & Chin/Pull Up with a 48kg kettlebell.
While looking through some of my old highlights and making newer ones, as you always get more from books when you look at them multiple times, I say this nice simple training protocol.
It combines the PTTP/GTG concepts and is remarkably simple.
*Power to the People & Grease the Groove*
– Living in the Gym
It is based on 5 days training per week.
Each day you will do the following in the gym.
A1 – DL (DL variant) 2×5
B1 – Double Kettlebell Press 2×5
You can vary the loads as needed, set in simple progression protocols, perhaps follow the Easy Strength ethos and much more, that is down to your preference/ability/need.
That was the PTTP part.
As for the GTG, it’s easier on paper than in reality.
Every hour perform
2-3 Pistols each leg & 2-3 Pull Ups (you can add in 2-3 single arm push ups too if you feel your recovery can handle it.)
Now it might not seem like much, however doing 2-3 reps of each every hour, 5 days per week soon build up the volume.
In regards to training days you can do Mon-Fri with rest on the weekend, or the variation I tend to give people is Mon-Wed-Rest-Fri-Sat-Rest, this give you the chance if using ES to go heavy more often when feeling strong due to the days off in between.
All in all a cracking little protocol.
As with anything though you will need to plan in your progressions, vary the loads and track your progress because it’s easy to forget that the idea of this style of daily practice is to progress and become strong without ever feeling like you’re putting in too much effort.
If this is something you find interesting, give it a go.
I’d also advise getting a hold of the book as well, it’s less than £5 and well worth the investment.

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