6 Reasons Front Squats are awesome.

1 – They improve your postural & core strength.
2 – Increased sporting/athletic crossover.
3 – You get very strong in the upper back doing them.
4 – Their self limiting nature keeps your ego in check and your injures reduced. Once your form goes it’s gone, no cheating those reps.
5 – Mobility & stability benefits.
6 – You’ll finally start to build some impressive legs.
If you are looking for some great little resources I would suggest Juggernaut Training, they have some great videos.
Here is one to get you started –
Head Coach Max of JTS is also a mountain of knowledge for these too.
By adding these to your training you will yield some great results.
You may have some wrist discomfort in the early days, however this goes away once you nail the form, until then, better get practicing.

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