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Goal – Skill – Daily Practice

A great question to ask yourself –
“How much do I want this?”
You can insert your own goal/desire.
Morning All,
Goals in fitness these days tend to be a tad arbitrary in nature, as in they are just goals of rate sake of having a goal.
They tend to serve no higher purpose.
This is why having a sport/hobby to help you focus is often good idea because you can tailor your training to your interest so that you improve performance.
Once you have done this you’ll find the following useful.
Step 1 – Set the goal
Step 2 – Ascertain what skills you need to achieve the goal
Step 3 – Understand what daily practices will help you learn the skills you require.
1 – Drop X amount of fat (goal)
2 – Learn satiety control, or eat until satisfied not stuffed (skill)
3 – Eat slower (daily practice)
Take some time and plan accordingly.

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