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Authority or Expert?

“Are you sure about that?”
Something you would do well to ask, follow by this –
“Great, can you show me how you came to that conclusion.”
Basically you’re asking for proof/fact instead of just opinion.
However before those two can be asked there is one very important question to be asked.
Morning All,
Lately I’ve been giving some though to the information that is shared all across the inter-webs and especially who shares it.
For simplicities sake we have two main types:
Experts & Authorities.
Now while you may think they are one and the same, they’re not, in fact they couldn’t be further apart and here is why.
Experts = a person who knows almost every detail of a subject inside & out.
Authority = a person who the masses will follow and believe wha they say about said subject.
Here is an example, think make up adds (stick with it).
Let us say that a celebrity is on a TV advert talking about foundation and other make up products, while they may know some tricks of the trade they’re not an expert, they’re only an authority because they will get you to listen/buy the product.
However they couldn’t explain the details, for that you’d need the expert – the makeup artist or the creator of the makeup.
Authorities are people we think are experts, not experts. Experts are experts. – remember that.
In fitness we have a lot of authorities, especially due to Social Media, however a expert is someone you may find in the field practicing their profession or working with people to perfect their craft/understanding.
Make sense?
The next time you read, listen or speak to someone ask yourself this third question –
“Are they an expert or just an authority?”

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