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Create your very own armour

What’s the best armour to have?
Plot armour.
Morning All,
If you have ever watched any Anime then you’ll understand what that means, if not then I shall explain.
*It happens in TV, Films and all stories by the way.
Plot armour is essentially what makes a protagonist in a story the protagonist.
You’ll see they get a royal trouncing in the early stages, then by miracle of PA they have a last min power boost. Be that achieving Bankai, Ultra Instinct, ‘Final Form’ or The Guyver Gigantic, they always seem to be able to get that extra oomph needed to win.
In real life this isn’t quite what happens.
It would are great if the louder you screamed it directly correlated with you getting stronger and more badass, however it usually just makes you look like a bit of a pleb.
Sometimes and indomitable will just isn’t enough.
When it comes to real life we need planning, preparation and a commitment to the grind.
Yesterday I mention 5 lifts that people would benefit from doing more of –
A1 – Kettlebell Swings 10×25
A2 – Sots Presses 10×1-3
B1 – Front Squats 8×2-3
B2 – Pull Ups 8×4-6 (weighted if possible)
C1 – Overhand Deadlift to Zecher Carry 10×1 + 10-20m carry
If you were to follow this for a period of 6 months you’d find you surpass your current limits with these, as such achieving a new form.
To us this would be a leaner, more muscular, fitter body.
With this new body we will have raised our baseline muscle/strength levels and that my friends, that is our plot armour.
We need to think less about hitting the peaks all the time and surpassing them like our Amine counterparts, we need to think about getting close enough to the peak and sustaining it for as long s possible so that we increase our baseline stats.
After spending time near the peak (overreaching), perhaps even breaking a limit or two, we then back off and this is where the magic happens.
When we back off we will be stronger than we were before, what used to be our bas elf say a 100kg squat is now 110kg.
Essentially you’ve gone full Mystic Gohan and widened your base level.
Here is a nice little way to think of it –
You should be able to walk in to a gym COLD and without any warm up, load 50% of your max on to a bar and smash out 10 reps.
This is the greatest lesson in strength I’ve ever received, all thanks to a story Marty Gallagher shared about George Hechter in ‘The Purposeful Primitive”.
Time to start building your Plot Amour Me thinks.

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