Online Coaching 101

Online Coaching.
The best thing since sliced bread or a mugs game?
Morning All,
Given the rise in its popularity both of the above could be argued.
***Skip to the bottom for three key things to look for in an online coach.
These days we live in a world where everything is at out fingertips, soon enough we will go the way of the humans in Walle.
When perusing the sticky web that is social media you see a lot of people offering online services.
– Coaching
– Comp Prep
– Programming
– Freedom from the existential suffering of existence
– Movement Coaching
– Nutritional Coaching
Plus a great many other things.
You can find anything online these days, yet that doesn’t always mean you will be guaranteed to get a quality product, this is where things get tricky.
Apart from not knowing if you’re paying for an experience, qualified professional, an ex-competitor in the field you desire, a wannabe who’s done one show or a kid living in their parents basement, it can be a minefield.
We buy with our eyes, as such everyone has a plethora of transformation photos from you to pick from. Some real, some fake, others stolen and many of people that were taken so far apart you’d hope they’d make a physical change in that amount of time.
Taking all this in to account, what are you to do?
Word of mouth is usually a good thing.
If you hear positive things, that’s usually a good start.
Next up you’ll need to speak to them directly, the good ones usually have a limited amount of coaching space and a screen process as well, something like an interview where you have to prove your worth as a client because time is precious and real coaches don’t want to waste theirs on people that won’t put in the effort.
A good coach will also be very willing to admit when they can’t help you or your desires are out of their field of expertise and have no seconds thoughts in referring you on to someone who they feel is better suited to help you.
A poor coach will sell the dream they can’t deliver because all they care about is their bottom line and this could be rather frustrating for you.
A decent coach will also have a large list of ‘asks’ as well.
This means that you will need to be sending in training info, videos, nutritional bits & bobs, perhaps even a weekly psychological assessment to see how training is affect you, and so on.
Honestly, good coaches expect just as much from their clients as the clients do from them, this is a good thing because it helps create synergy.
Coaches & clients work together, it’s not you and them, you’re a team.
As such your success is their success, however your failure is also their failure and a good coach will do everything they can to help you avoid that pitfall.
What has you experience been with online coaching?
Do you currently have a coach, if so what are their minimum asks?
Is your coach more interested in your progress photos than you, or is your training and progress their number 1 priority – something to watch out for.
Leave your thoughts below.
Here are three key things to look for when hiring a Online Coach:
1 – A screening/application process.
2 – They are open with feedback from previous clients and are happy to share testimonials and for them to speak to you if you ask.
3 – They’re less interested in telling you what they’ve done/achieved for themselves/others and more focused on what YOU want.

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