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The Genius of the Lazy

Being lazy has always been seen as something that is inherently bad, however I’m not so sure that’s true.
Now we are to talking so lazy that you won’t get out of bed or have any form of meaningful life, more the style of lazy that always seems to have an easy life.
I’m sure you know someone like this.
They rarely make an effort, yet they always seem be doing well or come out on top and you can’t ever understand why.
Well I’m going to tell you.
Firstly people who are lazy in a job will often find the most productive way to do something, as opposed to what many other do which ends up just being busy for the sake of it.
Second is that they will do what needs to be done, when it is a priority because if its not a priority why bother about it – that’s their attitude.
Finally, many of these people won’t chase stress and as such they often live within their means and never put themselves in situations that will end up being disastrous. Essentially they have the foresight to understand a situation and the cost-reward ratio.
The reward in the end is often higher then the initial cost, hence why things get done.
A lot of other people don’t think this way, they only see the immediate and always some what will make them busiest of stretch them the most will be the best option, this isn’t always the case.
The same principles can be applied for a great many things in life.
Try to find the minimum amount you need to do that will give you maximum benefit, this is productivity in a nutshell.
Fun fact, apparently Bill Gates once said that he would always “hire a lazy person to do a difficult job” at Microsoft. … “Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”
Neat, right?

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