Front Squats FTW!

Struggle with squats?
You’re not alone.
Morning All,
When it comes to squats there are many ways to learn how to do them, my favourite two are as follows:
– Goblet Squats
– Front Squats
They keep you honest and will teach a natural movement patterns that perhaps the standard squat won’t (barbell back squat).
Especially front squats.
The most common issue is usually depth, people do some form of hybrid good morning/half squat – please note this is not and never will be a squat – if this sounds like you Id advise you stop doing them immediately.
Funnily enough the cause for the poor squatting form mentioned above is often circuit classes, body pump and things of a similar ilk.
Don’t get me wrong, classes are great for getting people motivated, however for learning good form and making progress they’re far from ideal.
Just saying.
You might be thinking that front squats hurt your wrists when you do them, if this is the case then I suggest that you’re holding the bar incorrectly because you probably are.
Yep, the fault is on you.
There is the option of a crossover grip, however I wouldn’t personally advise this as it’s not optimal for performance or safety.
If you jump on google and type in ‘Improve Front Rack Position’ you’ll find endless articles that tell you essentially the same things.
– Higher elbows
– The bar rests on your front deltoids
– Improve mobility in lats/upper thoracic spine
Do some digging, it’s worth it.
The front squat also keeps you humble because you can’t really cheat it, you either lift with solid/safe form or you don’t make the lift – most of the time.
Here is a great little resource –
Now go, start working on that squat.

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