Easier than you think.

What training should you be doing?
The answer is simple, or complex, I guess it all comes down o what you want.
Morning All,
Training isn’t hard, not really.
The main aim of it is to elicit an adaptive response so that you become stronger, more conditioned and improve your overall longevity.
That’s it.
What is so hard about that to achieve?
Well, quite a lot actually. Especially if you’ve been indoctrinated in to the thought process of the masses which is rarely conducive to YOU making progress unless you’re happy being a part of the mediocrity that is.
From my experience, people get confused as to what is best.
This is fair enough, with all the potential avenues to take, and by the way, they all work, it can be hard to find just one path to follow.
Guess what though…
You don’t need to follow just one, honestly, you don’t.
That is UNLESS you have a specific goal, say becoming a pro bodybuilder, then your path is already set before you in the down trodden grass of all those before you who chose to walk the same path.
What’s that?
There is no ‘one size fits all program’ – this is true, yet you’ll find all the people that have done what you have yet to even contemplate to achieve the goal you desire have all followed smithing that looks remarkably similar, trust me, you’re not as unique as you think you are.
Now let us say you don’t have a specific goal and just want to ‘lose some weight and get fitter’ – you’re not alone, as such here is an option for your consideration.
Run a 3 session rotation, this can be done as 3 days on 1 days off, 2 on – 1 off – 1 on – 1 off – repeat (this is optimal), or even just done three days per week if that’s all the time you have.
The sessions you will want are as follows:
– Skill
– Strength
– Conditioning
What do these consist of?
Here’s an example:
Skill = Learning something, perhaps the quick lifts (clean & jerk, Snatch, Kettlebell sport, gymnastic skills such as hand balancing and so on).
Strength = You lift heavy things and aim to cover the full complement of human movement patterns: Push-Pull-Squat-Hinge-Loaded Carry, could be all on the same day, or you might do an anterior chain/posterior chain split, endless options really.
Conditioning = Lung pump, the most horrible of pumps.
All joking aside, this would be in regards to improving your VO2 Max, aerobic capacity, endurance and locomotive abilities.
We can go on all day about what people ‘could’ be doing or perhaps even ‘should’ be doing with all the science and proof to go with it as to WHY it will work, however it’s been done to death and honestly, I just can’t assed anymore.
When you’ve spent a lifetime trying to help people learn and find the way, you gain a certain omnipotence to deaf ears & biases.
People often only want to hear what they want to hear, never what they need to hear.
As such if you have any questions leave them below.

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