An Odd Lift for epic results.

The Bent Press.
Have you heard of it?
Here is a quick video to show you.
The world record in the bent press is 371 lbs by Arthur Saxon, but there were unofficial reports of him bent pressing 409.5 lbs.
This movement requires not only strength, it also requires mobility/flexibility, as strong core, coordination and skill to master.
Once you nail this movement you’ll find it does wonders not only for your lifting numbers and overall strength, it’s great for shoulder health too.
A solid way to program this is to use the ‘Ladder Sets’ sequence as described by Pavel Tsatsouline in his book ‘Enter the Kettlebell’.
^^ I would buy or download this book for more detailed info on what I will outline below.
There are of course other methods, however this one works especially well.
Here is what to do –
Start off doing 1-2-3 (that’s one rep each arm, then two, then three before resting) for three total rounds.
Next session add a 4th round while keeping the reps at 1-2-3 and sticking with the same weight you used.
Next session add a 5th round, this is as high as it goes for rounds, still use 1-2-3 for now.
After you’ve started doing 5 rounds start aiming to build up to doing 1-2-3-4×5, then 1-2-3-4-5×5 – when you can do 1-5×5 with good form and plenty left in the tank it’s time to increase the weight and start back at 1-2-3×3 or even 1-2×3 if you take a large jump in weight.
^^ I’d do this movement with kettlebells and take half pood jumps (8kg increases).
Add this to your training and rep the rewards of strength, mobility and above all else, challenge.

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