What’s old can be young again

You can’t stop the hands of time.
Eventually you will become old, withered and grey, or bald.
You can however delay the degradation of your body by lifting weights and making optimal nutrition choices.
Take some time and think.
Do you want to be 75+ and always in constant pain, with little to no ability to move and do things for yourself or do you want to be one of the 75+ that can still get out and about on their own and have the quality of life they did in their 50’s?
Regular training (lifting weights & cv work) will help, this is because if you don’t give your body a reason to stay healthy, it won’t.
It’s the whole ‘use it or lose it’ concept.
Funnily enough it’s quite an important one to keep in mind in regards to your body and ability to live an active life.
I’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients.
The biggest changes and appreciation of them comes from those in their later years of life 65+.
Simple, it gives them back a little of what they’ve lost.
I wish I could help them get it all back, however the damage was already done from years of neglect, sad yet true.
If your goal is sport, competitions or anything else, great, fill your boots, however give some forethought to the future and your body to come.
Here are five key points to remember that happen to us as we age:
(based on a typical untrained elderly person)
1 – Tonic muscles get shorter and tighter
2 – Phasic muscles get weaker (especially in the *PKC)
3 – Bone density goes down
4 – Resting heart rate elevates
5 – Your hormones are less than optimal
*Posterior Kinetic Chain
You can address these points in the following way (like today, don’t wait)
1 – Have a daily flexibility/mobility routine
2 – Kettlebell swings, loaded carries, Get Ups 2-5x P/W
3 – Lift weights 2-3xP/W, focus on compound movements
4 – Daily cardio can be useful, not HIT, simple LISS (walking)
5 – Nutritious food & some extra supplements daily
Now this is of course a massive topic to delve in to, however if you do the above, with a focus on health, movement and longevity – as opposed to being a gym bro or gym bunny, you’ll set the foundations for long term health.
Just because we get older it doesn’t mean we have to get old.

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