Some more quick thought on variability

Morning All,
Last week I mentioned variability.
More importantly, how it could benefit your training.
As such, I have a question – do you vary your sets, reps, rest, frequency & loading?
A great many have this answer: No….
Fear not, you still have time to change this.
Here is what to start off with:
– Write down several combinations of sets/reps
^^ For now set a rep limit of 50 and under, you’ll easily come up with the combinations, think 5×5, 10×5, 10-8-6-4, etc.
– Write down several rest options
– Write down several loading options
– Write down different frequency options
You’ll be surprised how much variety there is.
if you’re someone who claims that they want this, then you’ve got a lot of options, however perhaps what you really want is for someone else to do it all for you, give that some thought.
Here is one example using a 4 day repeating block and one lift per day.
Day 1 – Squats – 10x10x12-15RM
Day 2 – Press – 10x5x8-10RM
Day 3 – Deadlift – 10x3x5-7RM
Day 4 – Squats – 10x3x5-7RM
Day 5 – Press – 10x10x12-15RM
Day 6 – Deadlift – 10x5x8-10RM
Day 7 – Squats – 10x5x8-10RM
Day 8 – Press – 10x3x5-7RM
Day 9 – Deadlift – 10x10x12-15RM
Rest – block now repast from first – increase load or change another variable.
Pretty simple really.
Of course you can do more movements per workout, I sued one lift a day just for the ease of the example, you could pair some super sets for 2 lifts a day, or have 3-4 for a strength circuit, however then things start to get tricky.
Take a look at your current training and see if you end up doing the same things day in, day out.
I’m guilt you it, are you?

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