3 reasons why you should add Push Press to your training.

1 – It allows you to handle more weight overhead, and even boost your volume in a strict pressing set by adding in a couple of extra push presses at the end.

(Plus it’s less technically than the jerk or push jerk)

2 – You can work on overload eccentrics with it which will have potential carryover to your strict press.

3 – Sporting benefit. The PP is multipoint movement, it has a quarter squat, a jump and a press, very useful for athletic goals.

When it comes to this lift you will find it can make for a great addition to your overhead or pressing sessions.

I would advise doing it first due to the high technical component required, unless you’re doing push jerks as well, in which case do those first, then push press, then finish with strict.

Here are a couple of method for you to try for planning push press 3x per week.

Day 1 – Monday – 50 reps in as few sets as possible
Day 2 – Thursday – 5x2x90%, this is just hard
Day 3 – Saturday – 30/30 (30 sec PP, 30 sec rest), for 30min

I’d chuck in some chins/rows, lateral raises, face pulls as accessory work as well.

Try this with dumbbells, barbell, kettlebells or odd objects, it’s quite fun.

Don’t forget to train legs as well 🙂



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