Enough or More?

Can you wing it?
Yes you can.
Morning All,
In regards to training you can wing it for the longest period of time, however you’ll reach an impasse eventually.
This will be the moment you do one of the following:
– Sustain what you have
– Take it to the next level
Either is fine.
The main difference will be how much effort, attention to detail and time you’ll be willing to devote to training.
It’s easier to maintain what you have than it is progress.
Taking things above and beyond is hard.
Soul crushingly hard.
Are you really willing to put in the gumption required?
I truly hope you are, because while it will be a struggle and you will want to quite, the result is often worth it, to be immortalised for achieving something noteworthy.
No one can take that away once you’ve achieved it.
Well, they could because, politics 😂
Best not think like that though.
Which do you want?
What you have or more?
If it is the latter then you will need to not only do the above, you will also need to have a solid plan with all the numbers you need to be hitting set out.
Give it some thought.

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